Booking Rules

A-Berth Booking Tool


To provide a transparent and fair booking system for TNPA A-Berth quayside and associated FMC Tenant areas.


  •  To establish booking rules.
  •  To provide a booking decision tool that ranks provisional bookings and recognises confirmed bookings.
  • To generate and maintain a booking dashboard that presents the resultant bookings against time.


FMC/TNPA A-Berth Quay Booking Rules:

1. Oil & Gas repair work at A-Berth:

  • FMC to control the bookings of A-Berth Quayside to ensure that Oil & Gas repair related work receives priority.
  • Provisional bookings made via FMC with TNPA in the name of the Rig/Project/Agent subject to cancellation terms as provided in FMC/TNPA lease.
  • Provisional booking subject to ranking priority as determined by the A-Berth Booking Tool.
  1. A-Berth Booking Tool provisionally books the Rig/Project against quay availability.
  2. A-Berth Booking Tool ranks Rig/Project bookings in order of projected turnover if bookings clash.
  3. A-Berth Booking Tool ranks a confirmed booking over a Provisional booking, subject to confirmed booking obligations.
  4. Should FMC receive a request for a confirmed booking, it will first notify the provisional bookings in order of ranking, with a five business day response period, to confirm its booking, before accepting the confirmed booking application.

2. Requirements for Provisional Bookings:

  • Rig/Project name
  • Quayside booking dates
  • Scope of work
  • Projected minimum turnover

Note: To protect any commercially confidential info of any competitor, the name of the Rig/Vessel, scope of work and turnover can be supplied separately to Bowman Gilfillan or alternative independent third party who will complete the Booking Tool and rank the bookings accordingly.


3. Requirements for a Confirmed Booking (As per Clause 2.2.4 in FMC/TNPA Lease)

  • Prior to confirming an A Berth quayside booking, prospective common user tenants are to ensure that the applicable Tenant 2 area, and where required, portions of Tenant 1 are available to them.
  • A confirmed booking is only accepted once a deposit is made to TNPA.
  • The projected minimum turnover is payable to TNPA and FMC on completion regardless of whether the actual resultant turnover is less or if the project is cancelled.
  • Shortfalls between turnover certificates provided and actual turnover achieved, after contract review, will be subject to a penalty of 25% of the shortfall in the declared turnover. (Annexure C 4.3 FMC/TNPA Lease)

FMC Tenant 2 Booking Rules:

  • Oil & Gas related repair work.
  • Linked to A-Berth quay booking for Rig/Project.
  • Tenant 2 booking priority linked to A-Berth quay booking priority & conditions.
  • Full turnover rental applicable & pro-rata base rental and utilities applicable.

DCD/FMC Tenant 1 Booking Rules:

  • DCD may sub-lease Tenant 1 area/or portion thereof to 3rd parties subject to:
  • Third party confirmed booking of A-Berth Quayside.
  • Third party confirmed booking of Tenant 2 area.
  • DCD not requiring area for said booking period as it has no A-Berth Quay bookings for same period.
  • DCD rental tariffs to 3rd parties shall be market related to the Port of Cape Town