Booking Dashboard


FMC is head lease holder of A-Berth lettable area divided into two tenant areas with rights to use A-Berth Quay and A-Berth Quay Operational Area.

To ensure optimal use of the A-Berth tenant areas and the A-Berth quayside, bookings for Tenant 2 area and the quayside are co-ordinated by means of a booking prioritization and booking rules.

Booking rules have been established and are published in the SAOGA Port Handbook and on the SAOGA Website:

The resultant Tenant 2 and A-Berth quayside allocation is provided in the booking dashboard.

This booking dashboard reflects latest provisional and confirmed bookings.

Updates are reflected after latest amendments to booking priority, schedule or status change.

To verify availability prior to planning, tendering or forwarding booking requests, please click on the PDF link provided.


Dashboard Booking Email Address :